Professional interior design of hotels in Dubai

We are a team of top hotel interior designers, who have a passion for creating the best interior design for hotels in Dubai and other cities of our Arab Emirates.
The UAE has several first-class inns created by foreign companies. We gathered in Dubai our team of professional designers to create an excellent interior design for UAE hotels, taking into account the specifics and local trends of the 2020 year of our region, the needs of residents and tourists.
Our best interior designers create:
  • boutique hotels, 
  • apartments and apart-hotels,
  • City and Business inns
  • Spa and Resorts
  • Small and Mini guest houses

Our designers can make a truly amazing design solution that can evoke good emotions of the guests. Due to their experience and knowledge, they are able to create an impressive lobby and fit in one guest room everything a guest needs. They will create a pleasant experience for the guests.

Portfolio of the top hotel designers of Spazio studio

hotel interiro designin Dubai
hotel interiro designin Dubai
Spazio hotel design firm portfolio UAE
architecture design hotel Dubai
architecture design hotel Dubai
hotel lobby interior deign Dubai
hotel interior by Spazio designers dubai
hotel interior by Spazio designers dubai
Dubai hotel interior deign
Always pay attention to the details. Professional hotel designers always think through the logic of space, the connection of different materials, which create space zoning and create the dynamics of a modern design.

Hotel interior designers of Spazio Interior Architecture

Why are we considered one of the best hotel interior firms in Dubai? In our team, designers from around the world, from France, Russia, Ukraine, the Arab countries of the Gulf. Our common experience is over 12 years. We make excellent interior solutions and have a passion to excel not only other hotel design firms but ourselves as well.
architecture interior design of a Dubai hotel | Spazio, UAE
Our top hotel interior designers created 5 star bathroom
hotel bathroom is created by Dubai designers
best guests room hospitality designers in Dubai
A hotel guest room is created by Spazio hotel designers
Dubai holes designers spazio interior decoration

We pursue three main goals: profitability, ergonomics, aesthetics.

Our team of designers specializing in the design of hotels, through the use of modern technologies, creates design projects that bring an outstanding profit to the owner, and guests receive comfort.

To rationally use the space, you need to know in detail how the inn business is structured. What is the minimum height of beds for easy cleaning? How to comfortably accommodate a large group of guests in the lobby? How to arrange a conference room and a kitchen, to use it as a banquet? Does the restaurant need a separate entrance from the street for the townspeople? How to economically regulate lighting? Such details determine the cost of construction and maintenance of the inn, which directly affects its profitability.

top hotel interior designers in Dubai Spazio
hotel interiro design from top designers in Dubai UAE
best hotel bathroom interior design in Dubai | Spazio

Streams of guests and staff, food delivery, cleaning algorithms, safety and, of course, coziness are planned in a design project to avoid inconveniences in daily work in the future. Knowing all the subtleties of the hospitality business and conducting a thorough market research, you can create a popular and profitable project.

Specializing in the inn business, we do not waste time getting to know it from scratch, instead, based on years of experience, we are looking for the ideal solution within the budget.

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