Get price quotation for interior design services

It is an easy and fast way to get an interior design cost estimation for your house, apartment or a commercial place. Only you need to do is filling the form and get back from us. If you prefer to get the pricing quote by email, phone, or WhatsApp, just specify it in the comment form.

To prepare an initial cost estimation we need to know some basic info about the project.

  • Please, choose in the form what type of property you would like to design.
  • Select which style you like more. If you have any specific style you like, mention it in the comment form.
  • Specify how many square meters the premises are. You can mention an approximate size or send to us a plan of the house, we will take measurements by our-self.

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1. Select the premises type
2. Modern or Classic style do you prefer?
3. The size of your object (Square Meters):
4. Where is your object located?
5. To get the cost of a design project or fit out execution?

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