Bespoke master bedroom interior decoration in luxury modern style

Bespoke master bedroom inside decoration.

Living room interior designs in Dubai and other cities of the UAE

Here you see the living room interior designs made by our talented designers.

Modern interior design of Living rooms

In the living room, almost all household members spend most of the time. In addition, in this room traditionally receive guests. Therefore, the interior design of the living rooms should be impeccable.
This room should be comfortable for all members of the family, rather refined and, preferably, with unusual impressive decor elements that attract glances. For decor, accessories can be used: antique or modern candlesticks, frames, vases, paintings, figurines. All this helps to give the living room a special charm, to make the appearance of the room complete.

Competently perform the interiors design of a living room can only professionals, because too many nuances need to be taken into account, too many materials have to be used to achive am excellent result.

On the site you can see the work of our designers and order interior design. You can see the prices for the design in our pricelist.

Order interior design of living rooms

Before beginning the work to execute the design of the premises you need to have a design project. The price for a design project depends on the size of the rooms and the style of the design. On our site you can see the work of our designers and order interior design and check out the prices for the design in our pricelist.
The cost of design depends primarily on the materials and furniture chosen. Therefore, the cost of realization of interiors can be very variable. We can offer you to use different materials on your budget. For example, there is a very beautiful natural marble, but at the same time, excellent design can be created using decorative paint. Modern materials are not inferior to natural ones in their beauty, but they considerably save the family budget.

In Spazio Interior Decoration you can order an interior design, that is guaranteed to be impressive and create a special atmosphere in the room!

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