Beauty salon interior designs for Hair ★ Nail ★ Spa salons

You can order a beauty salon interior design in Dubai from one of the top decoration companies. Our designers will develop the project and will perform the finishing work of any area. Working with us you save time and money. Work on the design of beauty salons is carried out quickly and on favorable terms.


Creation of an interior design for beauty salons

A parlour is a special space. Here come both women and men. All of them use the services of professional technicians in search of good looks. It is important for customers that the interior of the parlour is as much aesthetic as possible. Visitors pay attention to the stylish and catchy design.

The functionality of space is also important. Consumers value comfort. That’s why the design of the beauty salon’s studio should be thought through to the smallest detail. Our professionals can take into account all the requests of salon visitors. Professionally executed beauty salon decoration design will attract the target audience, help in increasing the profit.

The qualitative design (a reception area, ceiling, floor, furniture,  etc.) will help to turn new clients into permanent ones. It will work better than any advertising. They will start talking about you!

How to decorate a beauty salon?

For more than 7 years we are engaged in the development of designs for hair and Spa salons, so we know how to make an effective layout and bring unique conceptual ideas to the appearance of premises.

The design of the beauty salon directly depends on the business concept, specialization, and scenarios of customer service in the salon. If we talk about specialization, now in the trend:

  • Brow Bar. Very topical direction, because beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows at the peak of popularity. Brow Bars mostly make eyebrows + several express services (for example, make-up, styling, manicure)
  • Hair salons. These are a variety of Color Bar, Dry Bar, etc. Hairdresser’s shops and bars are a new format for women, a more party place, where the bar and hair care area function, but the male version Barbershop has already become a classic.
  • Nail Bars are a combination of an express saloon with mini-bar to drank coffee + get manicure services.
  • Classic beauty salons with a full cycle of services, especially chains, continue to attract the customers.
  • Express cosmetology and express spa. The enterprises, whose services duration is 20-30 minutes, mainly solve and prevent skin dryness problems, as well as offering “immediate” short-term results to look good at the nearest event.

No less important is the age of visitors to your salon. For example, it could be:

  • Women 18-35 years old, the purpose of visiting: to bring beauty, to have fun, to have a coffee and a snack. We would recommend, for example, an open pedicure zone, a general manicure zone, a bar with fresh juice and good coffee, and interior solutions require bright and bold accents.
  • Women and men 35-65 years, the purpose of the visit: to get a high-quality procedure, to relax from the city bustle, snack. I would focus on closed treatment rooms, calm, classic interior design.

Before creating a beauty salon design project, you need to figure out who our target audience is and what the market needs are still not satisfied or are not fully satisfied. This determines the scenarios of service and sales in the cabin, its design and decor, assortment of services, staff and much more.

The main features of salon design

So where to start? Let’s start with the main thing: from designing the entrance. What should it be? First of all, he must briefly express the basic concept, be thought out in detail and look attractive. This is achieved by the collaboration of a graphic designer who develops corporate identity, corporate colors and your logo with a weighting. And an architect and designers, who understand how to colorfully link the existing building with yours, what to make accents, and what should be a hint and reveal already in the interior of the salon. Spazio Interior Decoration could provide all of these services, as well as create interior and exterior design for your salon. 

It is important to remember that the expensive facade for the beauty salon Economy and Business Class is just as inappropriate as the cheap sign for the prestige and luxury salon.

Beauty salon exterior design

We do architecture design for a salon facade:

  1. Signboard (logo and color). Now in the trend of complex, deep colors of materials on the background of simple forms of graphic design
  2. An entrance part consists of 2 options: to create a transparent entrance-showcase through which the client sees the details of the beautiful interior and active work of the salon or the entrance of the closed type that creates a halo of intrigue and a closed club. The first variant is for male or unisex beauty shops, the second is using for a ladies’ beauty salon.
  3. Window dressing is a great way to attract attention to your business, create seasonal installations and set the tone for the whole salon and emphasize its thoughtfulness.
  4. Green natural decor: pots with plants or small trees planted in tubs always create the effect of an expensive salon. The arranged coffee table with chairs on the street draw attention to the salon and talks about your attention to the client.
  5. Lighting design: the main illuminated elements are a signboard, a facade and the showcases themselves, as well as elements Adjacent territory (stairs, trees, and bushes, which decorate the corporate decor).

After a little talk about the appearance of the entrance, let’s go inside the room. A design project of the beauty salon should take into account that at the entrance we need to correctly meet the guest, take care of his things and place the waiting zone in the zone if it is required.

Entrance and waiting areas from inside

The reception area can be combined with a bar, but you need to remember that it is an administrator’s workplace. It should not only be externally aesthetic and attract the client but also functional, as your employees will spend their entire working day there. Also, consider that this is the place of settlement operations and your guests should be comfortable putting the bag and things. We recommend placing a brand with the logo of the salon behind the reception counter. The logo will be recognized in the client’s photos, press releases and so on.

Waiting area consists usually armchairs or sofas and a table next to information about you and products, as well as magazines. Remember that the area of the client’s personal space, in this case, is about 1 m and does not try to seat 2 visitors on a half-meter sofa.

Storage of things is in another part of the cabin and sometimes, based on safety rules. However, be sure to provide places for shopping bags near the workplaces of specialists in the client’s visibility zone; near the reception, when the client is calculated; in the toilet, where the client of the beauty salon walks with his or her bag.

Retail zone of a beauty salon. How to occupy a guest while waiting for a procedure and make money on it? Of course, to show and tell about products that are beautifully laid out and highlighted on shelves and storefronts and additional shelves in the sales area.


Nail & Hair salon main room design solutions

Often it is an open space where manicure tables, hairdressing services, make-up, and pedicure zones. Over the past year, you can see that an open pedicure is increasingly applicable in the salons of Europe. Some time ago we saw it in American movies when a few friends come to the salon to do the procedures and have fun together. Now it can be considered a trend. Although it is more applicable for salons with a younger audience. The same tendency can be traced in manicure: one common table (or visually united), where on one side sit masters, and customers on the contrary. As a rule, varnishes are exhibited in a separate showcase.

Since we live in a very active age, the multifunctional rooms are very actual in the beauty salon interior design. The visitor can have 2-3 procedures at the same time. Accordingly, the ergonomics of the room should be thought through in small things: a mobile head sink that adapts to the workplace if necessary, large mirrors for the work of hairdressers and make-up artists, free space for maneuvers of the master of pedicure and manicure, and of course the correct light about which we’ll talk a little later.

Recommendations for lighting design

Light in the salon plays a very important function, with its help you can improve the appearance of the client. If it is used incorrectly, it is easy to achieve the opposite result.

  • in cosmetology (especially the body) use mirrors with frontal lighting and very carefully work with a purely vertical (ceiling). We think that many came across when in the dressing rooms in stores used ceiling points and your body looked friable and not perfect to such an extent that you did not want any dress anymore. The same effect is possible if you install the lamps only vertically near the mirror, so supplement them with another light.
  • for hairdressers, it is important to have no shadow from the lamps to properly select shades of paint and do not create a shadow in the root zone of the hair on the client’s head. To do this, use several lighting points, also do not forget about the heat of the lamps, it is best to use neutral ones – 4,100 Kelvins.
  • illuminate the reception and, of course, the retail zone. Your showcase should sell.
  • remember that the light is divided into technical (spotlights, spots, lamps with high power) and decorative, which can create a mood in the cabin and “play along” the style.

Finishing materials for perfect beauty salon appearance


  • Epoxy floor coatings create a monolithic coating, you can achieve the effect of a glossy floor of any color or textures look like concrete, is not afraid of water, since it has no seams.
  • Tiles, depending on the type, can last a long time and look impressive (for example, porcelain stoneware) or vice versa with the wrong choice to start scratching (ceramic tiles in areas of intense traffic). Remember that on monophonic surfaces dust and dirt are always more visible.
  • Laminate with the use of good quality materials it will be able to serve you many years, but, in due course, it can begin to wear off in the entrance area. It can also be given out for “decorative effect” if you already have specially aged elements in the cabin. Do not forget that light shades are easier to care for.


In the trend of simplicity: the ceiling in one level is modern chic, we can decorate it with decorative elements, moldings, and beautiful lighting.

if there is an opportunity to use an existing concrete slab, do not lose this chance. Many are trying to achieve this artificially.

an interesting solution may be to “blow out” the ceiling with the paint of dark colors, so as not to focus attention on it (applicable for high ceilings).

use a tree, spread it with interesting patterns and paint in a variety of colors.

remember that in cosmetology, Spa and massage rooms the ceiling is the main surface where the client’s eye is fixed during the procedure and it should be fascinating


  • Painting has been relevant for many seasons, do not be afraid of colors, but remember that they must be complex and then they will look noble. Do not forget about white color, because in its background you can beautifully decorate.
  • Use decorative pads (wall panels, glass, wood covered with a protective agent, tile, waterproof plaster) on walls near wet areas.
  • Some walls make accenting and highlight them with either color or material, remember that the human eye needs to cling to something.
  • Having studied these tips on the nuances of interior design and interior, think over the concept of your beauty enterprise with Beauty Salon Designers of Spazio Interior Decoration. Professional designers will save your time, money and will find first-class solutions.