Moroccan majlis themed internal decorations

Modern Moroccan style interior design and home décor | Dubai, 2021

Moroccan style of interior design inherent peculiar interlacing of Arab, Mediterranean and African motifs. Spazio creative designers and architects can  bring to your house motifs of the Moorish interiors with latest modern fashion touch. Learn more about our designers' vision of interior trends in 2021 year
Moroccan style accepts unexpected and diverse solutions. It is characterized by a combination of different materials in the finish, the use of calm, muted tones (ocher, terracotta, sandy, white) and bright, but harmonious shades (red, purple, emerald green). The main task for the designer is to create a play of vibrant colors: Moorish style is alive, impulsive, exciting.
Get the look at our contemporary Moroccan interior designs.

Modern Moroccan Interior Design in Dubai

Our team have done many project in this style. Here you can see few our designs.

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Entrances & Majlises

Moorish style homes in Abu Dhabi.
Home decor from Morocco.
Moroccan themed majlis interior design in Dubai
modern moroccan decoration of living room in UAE.
Morocco inspired living room home decoration in Dubai.

Moroccan design direction different from other ethnic styles on several features:
  1. Use of niches and arches to decorate the room. This is one of the main distinctive features: lancet windows and doorways, as well as decorative niches in the walls;
  2. Low and wide furniture. That allows you to use more pieces of furniture without overloading the room appearance;
  3. Oriental pattern is decorating with floors, carpets, upholstery, walls and even ceilings.
  4. A bold mixture of colors and textures of materials, as well as vigorous color combinations.
Morocco themed dining in UAE.
Moresque inspired dining room in the United Arab Emirates.
Mauritanian style hallway.

Moroccan style bedroom decor

Modern arabesque bedroom decor style from Marocco.
Sitting area in a master bedroom.
Moorish themed bathroom decor.
Mauritian modern indoor decoration.

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Moroccan interiors: materials and finishing

The walls are covered with special plaster "Tadelakt", which always has warm shades. Tadelakt allows creating aristocratic, glossy surfaces. As a modern alternative, the walls can be painted in a homogeneous color or covered with textured wallpaper, and at the joint with the ceiling decorated with a carved frieze. And also on the walls can be used hand-painted, original Arabic patterns and ornaments.
Moorish living room.


The abundance of auxiliary furniture is a distinctive feature of the interior in the Moroccan style. All soft furniture is usually decorated with metal details. High closets and furniture walls do not fit, but low and wide furniture will make your house delightful.
Luxury contemporary Arabic seating in Abu Dhabi house.

Moroccan design elements

Every detail in the interior should be thought out. Lighting is not the last role, because in sunny Africa, where the Moroccan style comes from, there is always a lot of light. However,  several rules should be followed. Perfectly suitable:

  • Lamps with a pattern in the form of an Indian grille;
  • Ball-shaped and mesh shades;
  • Lamps made of multi-colored glass.
  • Options with silver or gold.

Moroccan style prefers cozy lamps, floor lamps with original weaving. All lighting should create an intimate atmosphere.



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