Luxury Classic interior design in Dubai

Classic interior design is a style our designers work with. We create unique projects in classical and neoclassical styles. Our priorities are beauty, bright personality, impeccable workmanship. we know everything about this trend and can create truly comfortable and respectable interiors.

Luxury classic interior designs are full of elegance, noble aesthetics, harmony and clarity of lines. The classical decoration is completely self-sufficient and neutral, so it never loses its relevance. The classic design of the house is surprisingly functional along with the rich and respectable appearance. It has a long tradition for ages, that is why each centimeter of area wellthoughts out and carries a practical load.


The centuries-old traditions of beauty and harmony. This designing manner has been taking shape for centuries. The concept of beauty goes from the traditions of antiquity.


Luxury living room interior decoration
sitting area with 2 large sofas.
Living room with sofas and decorative curtains..
House entrance hall decorated with luxury gold decor.
The living room of a luxurious country house is filled with comfortable low sofas without heavy partitions and decor
Classical inside decorations for a residential house

The baroque style in the originated in the 18th century in Italy, but it is popular among contemporaries who want to emphasize their taste. From Italian “baroque” is translated as bizarre, redundant. We guess it is really the best describes this style.


Arabic majlis for a men
Family room decorating ideas.
Bespoke two sides sided staircase.
Arabic neoclassical dining room
Main entrance decorating with marble, columns, patterns at a rich house.
Woman majlis arabic style decoration


Main staircase with gold baroque decorations
seating area in the first floor of house
A Royal bathroom in a residential palace
Traditional Arabic majlis

The palace impresses with its luxury, richness and splendor. The decoration amazes scale and grandiosity, replete with The royal details.  Such a style organically looks in large mansions.

Arabic new classic design

New traditional majlis decorations
A cozy bedroom with a light decor on walls and ceiling
Beautiful hall in Moroccan manner
Dining room with Arabic pattern decor.
an entrance hall with double high ceiling and custom-made decorative wall cladding
Arabic modern classical master bedroom interior design

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Classic interior design in Dubai in 2022 year

Replicas of classicism paintings, a carved marble tabletop of a dining table, a huge chandelier with crystal pendants, a double staircase with graceful curves, wall decoration with classic moldings and mirrors with facets - all these elements create an unusually festive atmosphere. These interiors are impeccable in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Luxurious large main staircase leading to a private part of the house
Spazio specializes on creating luxury classic interior designs in Dubai the UAE. Our designers work in royal, neoclassical, Arabic traditional styles and combine them with contemporary luxury decorations to create a unique appearance.

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