Modern Indian style interior design in Dubai

Spazio Interior Decoration is a team of international designers working in different design styles including luxury modern Indian style which preferred by Indian community memders living in Dubai. If you would like to have a bespoke interior for your house in a contemporary style with traditional Indian touch, you are in the right place.

Indian Style Villa Design

Luxury Contemporary house with traditional decor elements

Hindustani house interior decorations
Main hall with a Buddha statue
Formal dining and living room
Sitting area
Luxury Indian temple area at a private residental home
Staircase hall with themed beautiful decorations
Master bedroom with Hindustani style bed

Spazio designers create modern high-end designs with themed creative decor ideas. Additionally to the beauty we follow the Indian culture rules of house planning. For example, you can see at photos above the staircase is blocked from the main entrance, the temple is separated from other areas with transparent golden partitions, which made with beautiful pattern of flowers and an elehpant.  All these and many more things are taking in account by our architects and designers while crating an amazing house for Indian clients living in Dubai.



Novotel Hotel, Office No: 2703
Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha-1, Dubai, UAE

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