Interior Design Cost in Dubai


For residential projects.

Special prices for residential interior design of 2022:

  • AED 135 per square meter, if your house is 1000 sq.m. or bigger
  • AED 160 per square meter, if your house is between 700 and 1000 square meters
  • AED 190 per square meter, if your house is between 500 and 700 square meters

If your project is less than 500 sq.m, the cost is  AED 75,000.

These special residential house design price are available for clients who made an order during the 2022 year.

Are you from Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, any city of UAE or any country in the world? Wherever you are, get this special offer.

Morocco style dining room design

For your convenience, we accept the following cards for payment at our office:

That's the cost of interior design projects relevant for 2022. The prices are approximate, for understanding and preliminary calculation. The Spazio's specialists provides you the final price offer after discussing the main key moments of design you would like to have.

Here you see the interior design cost per 1 square meter of floor space. If you prefer per square foot to know interior designer cost per square foot just multiply our fees by 0.093.

Interior Design Price List

The original designer rates for residential projects are discounted for the 2022 year. See the interior design fees for homes above.

$60 - $120
per square meter
the villa interior design

Concept creation

3D visualization


Minimum space is 250 sq.m.

$80 - $100
per square meter
Example of hotel interior design project

Concept creation

3D visualization


Minimum space is 200 sq.m.

$70 - $120
per square meter
the villa interior design

Concept creation

3D visualization


Minimum space is 100 sq.m.

$60 - $100
per square meter
the villa interior design

Concept creation

3D visualization


Minimum space is 100 sq.m.

$80 - $120
per square meter
the retail interior design

Concept creation

3D visualization


Minimum space is 100 sq.m.

A design project is a set of technical documentation for fit-out execution, which allows the fit-out contractor quickly and economically execute the fit-out works. The design package contains drawings, plans, selections, and 3D visualizations, which allow you to see what the interior will look like after completing all the works and furniture arranging.

What our interior designer prices include

The specified price is the cost of the interior design project. We will create for you an interior concept, perform photorealistic 3D visualizations so you can see all the details and make changes before the execution begins. Another important part is the drawings and plans. These technical documents allow to execute all as you see it in the 3D designs as well as to estimate for interior work cost in advance.

The design project includes the following documents:

  • The measurement plan, which is made after the measurements at the site (measurements are carried out by a specialist of our company).
  • Space plan: it includes the explication of premises with the definition of functional zones, the list of doorways and the layout of furniture.
  • Plans for dismantling and installing partitions and other structures.
  • Сeiling plans with levels, constructions, structures, cornices, lamps.
  • Lighting plans: lamps, switches.
  • Plans of electrical equipment and electrical networks, electrical outlets and sockets.
  • Flooring plans.
  • Drawings of non-standard, complex elements and multi-level structures.
  • Plans of plumbing devices with the scheme of sewerage and water supply.
  • Air conditioning layout.
  • Plan of the wall surfaces: materials, lighting, recesses.
  • Layout of tiles with decorative inserts and curbs.
  • Selections: finishing and building materials, lighting devices, sanitary equipment, furniture, household appliances.
  • 3D visualization of premises (1-2 options).

Ordering a design project is like an investment. The money will be returned to you during the implementation of the project. Design project created by the designers of Spazio will allow you to perform not only a beautiful but also a comfortable, functional interior, and you will save money during the finishing works because everything will be planned most optimally.

Would you like to get a cost estimate?

If you try to calculate how much does it cost to interior design a house all you need is to know the size of the house in sqm. We charge only for areas where you would like to have decorations, that is why you could remove the area of storage, maid rooms, etc from the total size of your house. Multiply the final amount of square meters by our design charges written above.

Just use the form:

  • Choose the type of your premises 
  • Select which style do you prefer more: classical or modern style.
  • How many square meters it is?
  • Where is your object located?
  • Do you need us to create a design project or fit-out works? Indicate that, please.

We will give you the cost estimate shortly.


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