Traditional & Modern Arabic Majlis Interior Design in Dubai

Spazio specializes in the creation of amazing Traditional and Modern Arabic majlis interior designs. We have more than 12 years of experience in creating traditional sittings in luxurious classical and modern styles. A majlis has a special role and importance in a house.

Guests spend a lot of time in it, all the elements and details are in front of them. Therefore, we pay special attention to making a bespoke style and details in floor, ceiling, walls, sofas and other furniture. Spazio designers are working in the following best Majlis Design Styles:


Contemporary Arabic






Each has unique architectural and decorative styles in response to the different lifestyle needs of modern Arabs. Majlis interior design made by Spazio is filled with beauty, luxury, a pleasant atmosphere to have great meetings.

Take a look at our portfolio of latest arabic majlis designs of 2022 year, which tell you more about our solutions, than any words.

Modern Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Luxury modern majlis interior design is a mix of traditions with contemporary styles. Here dominate straight lines, clear shapes, fewer accessories, and decor that is in the classic and pure traditional majlises. Our designers use cleaner materials, fabrics with neutral patterns or without at all.

Modern means “today,” “here and now.” Therefore, a modern majlis is a luxury sitting that meets the aesthetic taste of modernity and is ideal for the modern lifestyle in Dubai and other Arab cities.

Modern Men's Majlis design

An elegant modern majlis for men with austere sofas that correspond to the status of the owner. Muted champagne gold, turquoise blue, golden beige create a great combination. These colors represent riches and luxury, providing well-being, fortune, and emotions. The turquoise in home decor creates incredible combinations and this color is perfectly balanced with the other shades.

Luxury Modern Majlis design

We have combined the idea of traditional continue majlis sofas with contemporary furnishings and finishes. Arabic mashrabiya and straight lines make this room impressive.

White, beige, and gold create the overall mood of the living room, while vivid turquoise, blue, and other colors create decorative accents.

Modern Majlis design for home

Our clients want to have a beautiful modern majlis for their home, where they can meet guests without too much ceremony and decor. They want to have a sitting room in pleasant soothing colors and comfortable beautiful furniture that will work for a long time. This room should be free of expensive gold decorations. Our designers used copper and expensive trays that look great and are so pleasant to the touch.


Simple Arabic Majlis design

Simple Arabic Majlis design offers a calm color scheme with light accents. And furniture without pretentious elements.

It is impossible to get tired of the simple interior of the room because its mood can be easily transformed by changing the decor. The decoration of the room in this case serves as a kind of canvas for creating various interior paintings.

Men Majlis Design in Dubai

Massive objects are present in this men’s majlis design in Dubai. Strong big sofas, coffee tables, fireplace, large TV. These details give the room a masculine feel. Strict and luxurious style should immediately demonstrate the status of the owner of this sitting.

The designers used in this living room for guests few high-end brands such as Bently and Fendy.

Contemporary Arabic Majlis design

Contemporary New Arabic Majlis design is a combination of the traditions of Arabic sitting and hospitality, modern trends in Arab decoration, classic elegance. This interior has absorbed all the best from each direction. Here and grace, and brightness, and give the tradition and generosity of the Middle East.

Contemporary Modern Majlis design

Natural colors and shades, elegant furnishings, and local décor form the basis of this contemporary majlis. There is a lot of natural light there. It uses natural wood, marble, glass, and metal. There are beautiful panels as a clever way to accentuate surfaces. The ceiling decoration is simple with a neat metal finish. Such an important part of a traditional sitting as the carpet is realized with an almost Sigle color soft carpet in a calm shade.

Soft Colors Modern Majlis sitting

The Arabic sitting in light colors makes the room stylish, trendy and cozy. This color scheme is a visual expansion of the room’s space.

A light interior is rightfully considered timeless, because it is always relevant and will never go out of fashion. Bright accents look great on white and beige backgrounds.

The white room looks heavenly, free and calm. It seems that in such a room it becomes even easier to breathe.

Arabic majlis sitting room

It is an Arabic sitting room with Arabian arches, creative wall decor, new style round sofas, and traditional coffee tables. The combination.

The compromising style prefers simplicity, harmony, natural muted colors.

Contemporary Arabic Majlis design features with:

  • spacious layout;
  • minimalism in furniture, decor;
  • smooth, smooth, simple lines and silhouettes;
  • a combination of natural and artificial materials;
  • calm atmosphere without pronounced conservatism, but with a slight eccentricity,
  • demonstrating individuality.

Elegant Men's Majlis in Dubai

A special Arabic siting for men, which is distinguished by its elegance, laconism, and tradition in some details. There is a moderately saturated color palette with a predominance of dark, golden and gray shades.

Moroccan Majlis Designs

  • The Moroccan majlis design is popular in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many Arab countries. The style has its roots in Morocco, where the culture was formed as a mixture of different trends, ideas, cultures from Africa, Islamic ideas, European trends. The style is popular and is loved by people around the world because of its softness, brightness, and unpredictability. Our designers and decorators create impressive Moroccan majlis designs, combining tradition with the needs of modernity with the tastes of the client.


Modern Morrocan Men's Majlis

The grandiose male Majlis in the Moroccan style is bright and distinctive. It is dominated by shades of “earth color” umber, bronze, brown, and ocher. These shades are the perfect backdrop for bright furniture and decorative items in bold colors.

Royal blue looks elegant, austere, to match the men sitting in this living room.

Formal Majlis Design

Beautiful formal guest majlis with lots of lights in the rooms, decorative trendy mashrabia, long 3 seats sofas, lovely patterned carpet, and impressive creative ceiling with a Moroccan style pattern.

The sitting is connected to the main dining room, where a grand dining table with 16 chairs is placed.

Moroccan Arabic living room

Quirky arches, an abundance of chandeliers, beautiful blue armchairs, mashrabiyas, and large windows that give an abundance of natural light all make this living room so inviting.

Ladies Majlis

The design of this women Arabic sitting room is filled with delicate patterns, delightful colors such as rich and light blue, white, gray, and gold.

Rounded arches make this interior very feminine, and the main feature is the Arabian majlis sofa design, which combines the idea of a majlis floor sofa and the comfort of soft sofas. Our designers have worked on a patterned embroidery on the fabric, which is the accent of the entire room.

Moroccan Majlis in Dubai

This majlis in Dubai is characterized by special attention to detail and decoration of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture. The designers used a warm palette of bright colors, such as delicate gold, beige, peach, and purple, all shades of silver.

Another feature of this siting is the absence of sharp corners. There are only smooth lines. This is a characteristic feature of the decorative style of Morocco.

Classical & Traditional Arabic majlises

Magnificent Classic Majlis

This classic sitting is based on the architectural and stylistic traditions of the majestic European classics: columns, frescoes, arches, bas-reliefs, rich stucco molding, ceiling curbs, pilasters.

No other style symbolizes wealth and elitism more than this one. We have used expensive finishing materials, luxurious furniture, and rich decor here.

Traditional Men's Dewaniya sitting

The traditional interior carries a time-tested coziness and elegance, and the choice of jewelry, accessories, and furniture.

It features massive patterned furniture, vibrant trench prints, a grand chandelier, and accent décor.

The modern majlis design is delicate and luxuriously styled. The quality of the materials and their combinations are an important part of the style. Small details, gold inserts, rims, carved moldings create the desired luxury of the room. Pay attention to ceiling illumination and lights fixtures. There are 2 perfect options of lighting in this formal sitting rooms: to use amazing large chandeliers or to install LED strips and spotlights to bring more modern touch to the room appearance.


Specialization in palaces, luxury Arabic villas allows us to create an excellent majlis design. In addition to the concept and 3D visualization, we develop a complete set of documents that are necessary for the execution of the project.

A design project includes:

  • creating a design conception of your majlis
  • 3D visualization of the room
  • drawings
  • selection of furniture, decor, lighting
  • selection of materials
  • technical documentation

The complete set of documents provided by designers and architects of Spazio will ensure the high-quality and speed of the fit-out execution of the project.


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Modern majlis design by Spazio

To realize Arabic majlis decoration solution we use such materials as marble stone, gold and silver, stain steel, crystals and glass, mother-of-pearl and real pearls, solid wood, onyx and other. We use innovative technologies of marble cutting and processing of expensive varieties of wood to create the finest elements of decor.

Take a look at the decorative patterns presented in the photographs. We have large catalogs of excellent samples and can develop an exceptional pattern that will suit your living room.

We work with the best factories of furniture and decor in Italy and other countries. However, we are ready to offer our clients unique pieces of furniture. Our designer will invent unique furniture for you and, if you wish, delicately introduce your family’s signs in the interior and furniture to make your traditional formal living room not just unique, but also filled with family traditions. We use various noble materials, hand embroidery with silk, beads, and others.

A modern majlis design should not be full of details. Therefore, instead of painting walls, we will apply high-quality paint. Paint can bring the volume, imitate the texture of cashmere, gilding or other material.

Spazio designers create non-standard colors in the interiors of Majlis. We use gold, platinum or brass elements. Using silver and moccha also creates an impressive elegant effect.

A mirror is in fashion. Innovative technologies are impressive with possible solutions. We use several types of mirrors in one room. For example, it can be a modern laser-pattern mirror, an aged mirror, a non-standard color. Back painting glass allows us to create any light and shade of the mirror. Also, the cutting of a phase of different size and shape is used.

Trust us with your Majlis designing and you will find the satisfaction.