Modern Exterior House Designs in Dubai & the UAE

Arabic Villa House design is to interpret traditional elements of Arab architecture in a modern composition and color scheme. This approach leads to the creation of an aesthetically beautiful, modern home that stands out for its originality.
The interpretation of traditional arabian and islamic style decorations is manifested in the use of such designing techniques as the use of arches and mashrabia. These decorative and structural fundamentals are often found in traditional Arab exteriors.

Morrocan Style House in Dubai

Authentic Moroccan architecture is embodied in this house. The exterior design is inspired by intricate geometric patterns, ornamental Islamic calligraphy. Beautiful arched vaults with Arabic outlines adorn the façade of the building.

Traditional Arab House Design

Beautiful palace house with stylish arches, surrounded by a garden..

Mashrabiya abounds here, which is a decorative section in the wooden railing of the balconies of the building. This provides a kind of shading for the balcony and deep windows.

Impressive Arabic Exterior Design

Arabic style homes have an atmosphere of enchanting mystery, fabulous beauty and special comfort.
There are intricate ornament, openwork wood and stone carvings, mosaics, gilding, inlay, bright rich saturated colors which make the oriental style so distinctive and memorable that you involuntarily always pay attention to things made in this style.

Modern Arabic House

Here mashrabiya is an accent architectural element. It is slightly moved away from the bearing wall of the building, forming a kind of enveloping envelope, which, in addition to making the facade decorative, protects it from direct rays of the sun and ensures confidentiality.

Traditional Courtyard Design

The traditional courtyard design and landscape built on the basis of a rich oriental culture resemble the fabulous palaces, where comfort, luxury, an incredible amount of detail and a unique atmosphere reign.
The garden has big seating area where you can sit on a comfortable majlis sofa, ride a swing, enjoy a fountain.

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