Restaurant interior design in Dubai

Creating a restaurant interior design is one of the directions of our company. We create trendy designs that attract guests and at the same time, a well-thought-out layout allows staff to do their job efficiently. Our restaurant interior designers have been designing and executing catering premises for over 9 years. We have extensive experience in it. Wherever your object is located: DubaiAbu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah or Ethiopia, Jordan, Tanzania, Spain, Italy, we are ready to make a unique solution for you.




BUBÓ Barcelona Cafe | Location: City Walk Dubai | Executed by Spazio


Developing a cafe or a restaurant interior design, we are striving to create a solution that will achieve several goals of your business, one of which is that it should not be expensive. The project developed by us let you save money during execution: no need to pay twice for remaking + materials will be cheaper for you if you order through us.
A restaurant & cafe interior design project by Spazio includes:
  • Measurement plan;
  • The installation plan of partitions, structures and finishing (with details)
  • The furniture arrangement plan
  • Plan of doorways.
  • Floor plan (with a selection of materials).
  • The plan of the ceiling. Sectional ceilings.
  • Layout of lighting equipment.
  • Plan for connecting lighting equipment.
  • Layout of outlets.
  • Elevation of all rooms.
  • 3D visualization of premises.
The set of documents will make execution quick, inexpensive, without a disquiet.


A restaurant design begins with the development of a concept that is determined by the following features:
  1. Who is the target client of the catering facility?
  2. How long does an average guest spend on it?
  3. How many guests will be there?
  4. What are the features of the technology of cooking?
  5. Will there be performances by artists and so on?
All this allows us to properly develop the guest and work area, determine the location of the bathrooms, cloakroom, kitchen, the scene in such a way that the guests were comfortable and cozy to relax, and the staff is comfortable to work with.
Creating a restaurant design, we pay great attention to small things: it’s the little things that set the overall style of the room and bring comfort and beauty. We work through even the smallest details: the drawing on the bar, the chair slope, the lamp shape. All this is important.
Cooperation with the world’s leading factories for the production of furniture, cafe and restaurant equipment, sanitary ware and lighting fixtures allows us to create an interior for every taste. If you prefer a certain factory, then we are ready to supply furniture or accessories for the project of its production. Or we can order the creation of an analog of your preferred furniture in a local factory. It will be cheaper.
We pay great attention to the attractiveness of restaurant design. In time you may want to sell your business and the premises. Thus, we are striving to create a design that will increase the cost of the restaurant. It must b relevant for a long time and that’s why we follow the novelties in materials, lighting equipment, textile and building materials, decor, etc. We cooperate with well-known world factories of furniture, appliances, lamps and other accessories to offer our clients only the modern restaurant interior and technical solutions.

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