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Spazio is engaged in high-quality interior design of apartments. Our clients are people who love style and appreciate quality. In our portfolio various projects of spacious apartments. We work in styles: modern, luxury, mediterranean (northwestern), british and american, eclecticism and others.
We offer not just the development of a concept project, but we carry out the whole complex of "turn-key" works. We create and fully execute interior projects, which includes:
  1. Creation of the interior solution;
  2. Development of project documentation;
  3. Author's supervision and management during the execution.


The bedroom is in a modern urban style with artistic wallpaper, carpeting and a cozy bed for two people.
Master bedroom in a minimalist style with a wooden decor of dark colors marble tiles and carpeting developed by professional designers of Spazio studio
Beautiful bathroom in beige brown colors with stone tiles, mosaic on the wall
Living and dining rooms combined into a single space due to zoning
Large modern bedroom for a couple. There is a royal bed, a comfortable sofa and TV, a reading area and more.
Here you see an example of a bedroom made by our designers. It is available to order a service to create such a bedroom

"Spazio design is a philosophy of comfort that becomes your life and exists out of time. All projects have a common feature, a single principle: work on details, complete solution, advanced technologies and exclusivity"


Each apartment design project includes the following documentation:
  • Measurement plan
  • 3D visualization of rooms
  • Drawing of rooms
  • Installation plan of partitions (walls and constructions)
  • Installation plan of finishing materials
  • Plan of furniture arrangemen
  • Plan of doorways
  • Floor plan. Selection of flooring materials.
  • The ceiling plan. Drawing cuts of ceilings.
  • Layout of lighting equipment. A selection.
  • Plan for connecting lighting equipment.
  • Plan for connection of lighting devices and placement of sockets.
This large set of documents allows the contractor to effectively perform the fit out works. A well-marked apartment design project will reduce the cost of fit out works.



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Design by Spazio apartment designers

We believe that the success of apartment interior lies in small things. Therefore, we pay great attention to details. Sometimes an interior can lose its appeal because of a few small things. Our apartment designers carefully choose and think out even the most seemingly insignificant things: for example, what should be the knobs bending at the armchairs, what should be the shape of the floor lamp, where to place the ventilation grilles, what texture of the stone to choose, what shade should be the fabric of the pillows and so on. The correct combination of elements creates a whole interior.
A stylish solution for a modern family living in the heart of Dubai. The kitchen and living rooms are connected to give more space
We work with furniture and materials from Italy and other countries, as well as with customed furniture and decor by local craftsmen and factories. You get unique furniture at reasonable prices. We work directly with local craftsmen and high-quality factories.
Our designers know how to combine style, comfort and coziness. At each stage the apartment designers ask themselves how convenient this kind of arrangement will be. Will the family feel comfortable in such a place?
The kitchen table is made as a bar where you can sit on both sides. White color and unusual decor provide room dynamics.
We are constantly improving: visiting exhibitions, communicating with the manufacturers of furniture, decor and technology in different countries of the world, as well as famous artists, sculptors and decorators. Therefore, we can offer you a large selection of solutions, as well as technical innovations in the field of apartment arrangement.

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