Classical Royal style maison
Classical style Royal maison

Palace interior design in the UAE

A palace interior design is one of our specializations. Spazio interiors and architecture is a famous luxury interior design company in Dubai. Our designers create royal residences for high-status clients.
We create a truly unique palace design combining the Arabian tradition with the luxury of baroque, elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Our architects and decorators improvise and offer interesting solutions that perfectly fit for the royal house.
The style of the royal mansion requires an appeal to traditions and history. Our designers try not to copy the palace interiors of the past but create a unique project based on the style. They create the organic concept, color expressiveness and luxury quivering atmosphere created through entourage and architectural features.


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Royal interior design images

residential palace main staircase is made in classical style with gold, stucco, traditional Arabic decor
The royal living room for meeting and seating with guests was decorated with classical art moldings with a gold coating
small private sitting with soft sofas and decorative wallpaper
Traditional Arabic seating in a residential palace in classical style
Royal bedroom with a huge bed, gold decor for the owners

Interior objects are harmonized by texture and finish. There are a selection of materials and a rhythmic sequence of their placement. An eclectic combination inside sets reminds of Art-deco. The combination of armchairs from different collections creates a modern dynamics of the interior: the glance easily glides over the luxurious interior.



White residential house made by professional architects using traditional decor elements
Beautiful hall with high ceilings in white color designed by architect of Spazio luxury interior design company in Dubai
A delightful living room combining several styles, wooden ceiling decor, marble, soft white sofas

As you have noticed, the royal residence can be executed in a beautiful white color, complemented by natural wood and silk. Here you see a more modern style of furniture and laconic royal decor of the walls. Everything is done with the best materials. There are traditional ornaments that reflect the owner's preferences.


Specialization in luxury allows us to create a project at the highest level.  We offer a turnkey solution for clients in the UAE and around the world. Our team prepares a concept, layout plans, 3D visualization, all drawings of your residency.
  • Concept creation
  • Space planning
  • Drawing
  • Dismantling plan
  • Arrangement plan of furniture
  • Floor plan with the layout of materials
  • Ceiling plan
  • Illumination scheme
  • Layout of lighting
  • Layout of outlets
  • Ceiling construction
  • Doorways scheme
  • Air conditioning layout
  • Plumbing plan
  • Wall plans
  • Drawings of decorative elements
  • Selection of furniture
  • Selection of electrical equipment
  • Selection of fixtures
  • 3D Visualization of the interior
Spazio designers are professionals. A set of documents prepared by us will allow executing the palace interior design at an excellent level of quality.


Palace design by Spazio company in 2022 year

We use intricate curved shapes and a divided ornament to create the traditional royal style. Take a look at the pictures of our portfolio. You will see the walls and elements are decorated with relief frames (carved or stucco). The walls are made of elite stone materials or fabric wallpaper. Such materials require high professionalism. Spazio has a team of designers and architects with extensive experience in working with luxurious residences.
Luxurious double staircase coined by experienced engineers and architects in a royal house in the UAE
We use decor elements, such as porcelain figurines, gilded candelabra, watches, screens, tapestries. All this is an integral part of the luxury royal interiors. And also in abundance, there are paintings and mirrors. It is possible to use symmetry and asymmetry to create dynamics. So it's important to create a rhythm.
The main bathroom made by us in a luxurious residence in Abu Dhabi. Order an unrivaled interior for your residence.
In addition to the palace interior and exterior, we can organize and decorate the residence territory: a swimming pool and all around, a garden and a park, helipad, parking, and other facilities.

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