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Spazio is one of the leading hotel interior design companies in the UAE. Our portfolio has 4 and 5-star hotel projects in the UAE and the countries of the world.
The interior is one of the main factors for the success of the inn business. Many tourists decide whether to stay at this place after looking at pictures of rooms and halls. It is necessary at the same time to make it original enough to make it stand out among similar ones, and not too catchy, because there will be thousands of guests with different tastes, and everyone should be pleased.
We make attractive and fully functional projects that meet the high requirements of the guests and are convenient for the performance of work by employees. Spazio is ready to offer you the most modern solutions and creative ideas.
Look at our projects: the portfolio will tell you more than any words.


The main entrance and reception area is made using expensive materials. The architects created a dynamic space.
Waiting area with soft sofa and magnificent decor. An open space for viewing, an attractive atmosphere and convenience was created.
This architectural solution from the best specialists includes elegant lines, the play of light, the zoning of space.
This inn corridor is made with a superb carpet, wooden walls and a rounded shape, so as not to create a feeling of too long a room.
Spatial solutions for inns from one of the top hotel interior design companies in Dubai.
A large lobby, a seating and meeting space was created by first-class architects and engineers from Spazio
The effect of modern luxury is achieved through the selection of materials, the play of light, the harmonious separation of space. Pay attention to the details. Even the smallest seams, dockings, lighting devices have been given due attention.


The main dining room for more than 100 guests of the inn
Bar in a modern style. Designers used bright colors and muted lights, which creates the necessary atmosphere.
A stylish restaurant for tourists and city residents inside inn is developed by Spazio professional designers.
We are able to develop a complete inn project, including rooms, public areas and restaurants.
Luxury areas for recreation and entertainment inside the inn designed by us
Particular attention is paid to the details of the public zone. A ceiling with a mirror имаге, many items create a single concept.
The style of restaurants, cafes, and bars corresponds to a common style concept. Capacity is calculated on the number of residents and guests. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the catering facilities are filled with residents. The rest of the time the restaurant works for tourists of other hotels and residents. We have extensive experience in creating effective designs for hotel restaurants and bars.


Spazio is a hotel design company. We have 8 years of experience. Our hotel project is a full set of documents for execution. We create 3D visualizations of all the main rooms to show their new look before the start of the execution. Our solutions include the development of a general style idea, and detailed elaboration of all the zones: the entrance group, the halls, the reception area, the rooms, the layout of the ancillary facilities, including kitchen, pool, laundry, etc.
In addition to 3D visualizations, you will receive drawings and plans of:
  • dismantling interior partitions, utilities, window and door blocks, radiators, etc.
  • installation
  • partitions
  • zoning of premises
  • arranging furniture and sanitary equipment
  • plumbing fixtures
  • ceiling
  • ceiling decor, cornices.
  • lighting devices
  • placing electrical sockets
  • ventilation layout
  • air conditioning
  • floor with the type of materials
  • walls in wet areas
  • kitchen layout
  • the tile layout
  • furnish of premises
The hotel design project made by Spazio will provide a fast and cost-effective execution.




Design by Spazio hotel design company

Almost 100% of guests look at the photos before booking. If the person is not impressed with how it looks, he and she finds an alternative.
The delighted guests want to show friends and the world where they stayed. Therefore, the superb interior of the hotel is a free social advertisement for the hotel. Spazio designers are ready to create it.
Bedroom of an inn executed with high quality materials.

We pay special attention to the interior design of:

  1. the main hall, because the hall makes a first impression on the guests
  2. bedrooms and bathrooms
  3. hotel restaurants and bars, because these areas can bring a significant income to the hotel if you entrust designing of these zones to professionals

For high-class hotels, our designers are very responsible for creating interiors of conference halls and business centers, in which all modern communications should be provided, allowing to organize business events at the proper level.

Very nice bathroom in the room.
We will develop an excellent individual premium project for you. Our hotel interior designers work in modern and classic styles. If you would like to amaze even the most discerning guests with an extraordinary interior, then we are ready to create a project in the eclecticism style.
Spazio has a full range of services for the project development, finishing works, furniture selection and modeling of custom furniture and decorations. We caution you against expensive errors in the purchase of materials and furniture. Only quality equipment and materials at a reasonable price will be offered to you. It's profitable. Plumbing, wall tiles, furniture will be in a pre-condition for many years.

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