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Office interior design in Dubai

Spazio is one of the leading office interior design companies in Dubai, the UAE.
Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, the best in the industry: office designers, visualizers, project managers, furniture developers, and architects. Our partners are the best British, Italian contractors and manufacturers of high-quality furniture and materials that provide the best results for our customers.
More than 10 years of experience in the UAE market and other countries of the Gulf region. We work in modern and classical styles. The principles of our work are to create a beautiful and practical solution that will reflect your brand, where it is nice to be and work effectively. Spazio performs turn-key projects: from concept creation to the author's supervision and management.


The reception is made in a contemporary style with glass as partitions, which provide zoning, but do not reduce the view and sense of space
The meeting room is decorated with modern materials and is filled with stylish furniture.
Beautiful contemporary room for business manager. The concept was created by Spazio professional architect.
Cabinet with a zone for meeting in a modern style, a combination of wood and light colors and glass
The large cabinet for the general director is decorated with expensive wooden panels, light panels and artwork.
Boardroom was created by Spazio Decoration company for successful business firm in UAE
The entrance area concept for a business center was developed by an experienced architect of our firm in 2017
An image of one of the best meeting rooms made with a discreet decor and monophonic wall surfaces.

"Spazio studio is high-class professionals: architects, designers, and visualizers. Spazio specialists are very fond of their work and treat a project as if they were creating it for themselves," our client said.



The office design project includes all the documentation that is needed for execution and make that very economically. Spazio designer has extensive experience in it. But also Spazio is a turn-key office design company, we offer fit out execution services.
Ordering to create an office interior you will get a full set of documents:
  • Measurement
  • Installation of partitions
  • Finish
  • Arrangement of furniture
  • Doorways
  • Flooring and flooring materials
  • Ceilings
  • Placement of lighting devices
  • Placement of sockets
  • Air conditioning
  • Sections
  • Visualization of main rooms
A set of documents will allow to promptly execute the finishing work. Your employees start working indoors without delay. If you order execution in our company, it will be even faster and more economical.

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Design by Spazio office design firm

Our office interior designers primarily pay attention to the style and convenience. Our work is not only to create a beautiful appearance but also practical solution: every element must be in its place, intuitive and logical for every person. Designers are guided by this principle when they determine the location of any items from sockets, switches, and lamps, to cabinets, tables, and sofas.
The latest cabinet projects for a director office with the use of modern trends and planning of prostration for different types of business activity
We cooperate with the best furniture factories around the world and select for each project certain models of furniture and decor. The choice of the model is based on the initial concept and the needs of the employee who will work in this room.
For the director's office, the meeting room and the entrance area, we suggest first-class furniture and decor elements. It can be Italian furniture or unique customed furniture made by our partners in the UAE. Our designers are developing a model of the item, local factories or individual masters are making it. It will be cheaper and faster than an order from Italy.
One of the latest commercial projects. There is a tile, a marble table and stone decor.
Work begins with the definition of style and concept. We visit your facility and perform all measurements, then draw up a measurement plan. Based on it, we make zoning: we determine where the recreation and work areas will be located, the location of the meeting room, the director and managers' offices, showroom, kitchen, and other premises. We are developing a concept. Then we determine interior items, furniture, and lighting to create 3D visualization, and move on to the construction and finishing works.

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