Retail interior design in Dubai

Spazio is one of the best retail interior design companies in Dubai the UAE. We have more than 10 years of experience in creating an effective, stylish, functional retail interior design in Dubai and other cities of the UAE and countries of the Gulf region and Europe.
We create a quality interior solution that meet the marketing needs of the retail store. Interior concepts developed by a professional retail design agency, are the key to business prosperity. The probability of buying products depends on how harmoniously the shop-window and the interior are in general. Our retail design studio will create a solution for any type of store: clothes, jewelry, food, car showrooms.
Our designers create unique concepts. The unique interior of a store is necessary for several reasons: attracting customers, increase customer loyalty, convenience of shopping, productivity of sales staff.
Entrust the professionals to create a highly functional and stylish solution for your store.


Auto dealer decoration concept
Mango clothes shop design by Spazio
Interior design for an ice cream shop
A modern clothing store architecture concept with white, gray and red colors
Modern layout and decor for a car store with rooms for customers. The concept uses a color swipe to make cars stand out against the background of walls and floors.
The decor concept  for MANGO woman's clothes shop was developed with a soft decoration
Fun ice cream shop with cure decor
Flower shop designed in modern style. Red and white color reflect the idea of the flower market and the name of the business. There is a planning of space due to beautiful vases and other decor elements.
If you want to stand out among the competitors, then Spazio will help you create and execute the interior for your facility. You can order a turnkey service or a separate designing or execution.


Spazio is a retail interior design studio. Our designers have more than 10 years of experience. We create a professional set of documents that allows performing the developed  concept effectively, quickly and inexpensively.
You will receive 3D visualization of all main room to see a look of your store before the execution beguines. All details will be in account. Our solutions start from concept creation and end with a complete set of documents or even an execution. You just have to take the finished object and start working on it.
A design project includes:
  • plan of dismantling of partitions, utilities, window and door blocks, etc.
  • installation plan
  • space planning (zoning of premises)
  • arranging furniture and sales equipment
  • ceiling decor, cornices, light
  • placing of electrical devices
  • selection of lighting devices
  • ventilation layout
  • air conditioning
  • floor plan with the material selection
  • wall decoration plan
  • the tile layout
The project created by our retail interior design agency will allow to execute it cost-effectively and quickly.




Design by Spazio retail design studio

The interior of a retail directly depends on its specifics. Our designers are always immersed in the features of the business, before starting creating the concept. If it is a  boutique of women's, men's, children's clothes or shoes, then it is important to show that the store reflects the lifestyle of the customer os the shop. The appearance of the showcases plays a major role.
Therefore, our designer comes up with a special feature in placing mannequins on the advertising podium and the special features of the goods laying out.
car shop and showroom architecture in black color and large windows. A large space in front of the showroom is advantageously used for a car exhibition.
The interior of the flower shop is created to emphasize the natural beauty of the goods. The main condition, in this case, is not to make the premises oversaturated with detail, because the flowers themselves are a sufficiently expressive addition. It is important to give maximum natural light.
The project of a flower shop in a shopping center designed by our specialists
You can order a retail interior design project of the store by leaving an application on the site or by calling the phone numbers. Our friendly managers will be happy to help you make your choice.

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